Tuesday, May 21, 2013

US Trip

Prepare Washington and new York i'll come to see how good of you 

over excited, when my boss give this news that'll go to US for holiday and Work. first of all is prepare all the document: 

Visa US 
this document is a lot easier to apply than gossip that very difficult to get it. 
my experience : 
- submit (before submit pls prepare the doc that request) 
- 1 day after it, you'll get  invitation for interview
tips : please bring document, bring small back, min divide that use baterai and just be on time 
- on the day when The Interview
at 7 am I'm already standby, first check is invitation letter, and officer ask to pit all device that use baterai and put it in the basket. after that you will going inside to scanning your back and save it in safety box. This area is last screening after that you'll directed to waiting room for first interview. 

The Question is very simple just being honest : where you will go, how many people that will go with you, where you will stay. 

after first interview they ask you to wait again in another waiting room. Im waiting 10 minute and move to other place to finger print and waiting for last interview 

I'm nervous In my last interview, because Im leader of my team so i'll be the last person in our line. 

from 4 of us, 2 include me pass and get Visa, 1 person they need more time to analyze and 1 need more document 

The question is : how may years you work, this is your first trip, where you will go, how many days you will stay and that all wolah that i get free pass

Cost for make this Visa is about 1.8 juta, about 2 weeks from submit to get the visa

have fun and always be honest. everything gonna be ok

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