Thursday, January 07, 2010


as usual I spent last night to watch the movie “Fame”. The film tells me a lot; give a touch of culture and new ideas.

If the movie does not provide insight or even a message about the simple life is not a good movie in my opinion

Fame gave insight into successes and understanding become a famous person and how each person has the option to continue their lives and find their identity. But now I'm not going to tell you this film in detail

The following piece of understanding that brought success in the role of Jenny Garrison monologue a.k.a Kay Panabaker

There are something’s success is not
It's not fame
it's not money
and it's not power
Success is waking up in the morning
So excited about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door.
Success is getting to work with people you love
Success is connecting with the world and making people feel
It's finding a way to bind together people who have nothing in common but a dream
It's falling asleep at night knowing you did the best job you could
Success is joy and freedom and friendship. And success is love

so, do you already have that kind success or still try to find it??

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the monologue! I was watching Fame and I found it amazing. By the way, great blog!