Monday, May 02, 2011

Just a pieces of my Narsistic

My First day being Tourist : rent a tuk tuk traditional transportations (like bajaj) to see Thailand - Hatyai
My Fav thing is eat eat and eat. it's like paradise specialy durian and ketan

My Second Day : Is Shopping day, so i use simple dress + converse
this is my family have a big breakfast to start our shopping Day

Hatyai : recommended to buy shoes coz it's cheaper 150Baht, (Rp.45000), good quality, colorful,nice cut.. I buy 6 shoes (mostly is wedges). In Immigration Thailand they ask me : Ms Melda, I wonder why you bring a lot of shoes in your suitcase? *I just smile and say I LOVE SHOES Mam, Kopuncka

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