Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's my b'Day :) 11 Juli 2011

If you want to know my characters :

When I fall in love, I will behave, First, the shy and demure. Second, I will stick like glue and will strive always to be near my boyfriend all the time. I am happy to go home together or lunch together.
I hate talking about and rumored by others. Actually I was shy, not the kind of bold but easily influenced by the environment, could suddenly become courageous and confident high
I love music with a tone that is always changing, so at some point I can be funny and cheerful, then suddenly can become sad and depressed impressed. For certain people, I can look "over acting" or "over reakting". When I'm depressed, I'll go out and look for things that made my feel a little relieved. I love money, and sometimes I think of money as a "happy" instead of "God." But I would never underestimate the people who don't have money, I would help my boyfriend for the money, and saving. I am not a person who likes the luxury and sometimes would prohibit my lover/my friends buy gifts that are expensive and not very useful. I am someone who enjoys a walk with a calm and peaceful. I was always afraid of many things. I fear less intelligent, less beautiful. Although not fat, but still not be satisfied with current body shape. I look pretty convincing that would be very helpful, I'm not jealous, but tends to be possessive. I would sacrifice anything for my loved ones without any restrictions. I'm not the kind of weak, though looks like them. I can become very irritable, and can argue about it no matter how small. but I will always be willing to wait and take care.

Last but not the least
I love the fashion world, my passion may exist in this world .. because this day Birthday so it should be bright, fresh and simple This is it msmelda July 11, 2011

Dress : buy it at Singapore, Cardigan : Blok M Melawai, Bag : Marie Claire, Sandal : surfer girl


Tika Sylvia Utami said...

Hai mba Melda.
aku mau kontak mba nih by mail. Ada email atau kontak yang bisa dihubungi?
Im avaailable on: Tikasylvia(at)gmail(dot)com

Tika Sylvia Utami

Melda Wita said...

Hai, this is my email address