Saturday, October 25, 2014

my Indonesia today!!

I put heart to work as PR of indigenous peoples. I go to forest meet indigenous peoples from Aceh to Papua. They share the same stories.. Share the same pain, they hope to protect their own land, how they Fight for their rights over land, territories and resources, including customary forests. 

When you read their stories while you sip a coffee in the fancy coffee store, maybe it just stays on your mind one or two days while they fight for their rights every day!! 

Take your time to Visit their village, hear their stories how warm and kind their heart, how simple their motif only to get a simple life instead of luxurious life. Same like us they fight for Their future not to lose their land. They do not want to be slaves in the future if their ancestral land is grabbed. It is better for them to eat grass than being the slaves 

They are rich but they are also poor in their own land

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