Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Distance Relationship a.k.a LDR

Long Distance Relationship is the keyword that I entered in google when I received news of my husband get a scholarship. I will undergo LDR for 365 days with a 7 hour time difference between Jakarta and the UK. Appeared many articles that tend to tell the anxiety of the women . One day a co -worker asked me what my LDR tips with husband .

to be frankly this is our first time LDR, during the 9 -year courtship maybe once in the week we did not meet . To answer the last question of my co-workers is a Mental Preparation , Stop Drama and hallucinating and Believe
Preparation I mean is that the mental preparation and must set your mind that this will happen no matter you like or not . Prepare this period with the communications do’s and don’ts what you and your partner agree on during the LDR . One of the biggest why you and your partner can fit because your smell fit. The Smell is not because fragrant. This is another key to preparation is keep 2-3 shirts are worn and this is the most effective key to repel feeling nostalgic because her scent still lingering on the shirt .
Stop Drama and stop hallucinating . Why the article LDR talk on perspektif of women because Women is a drama queen who likes to hurt her own hallucinations . Please don’t too aggressive and suspect her/his of infidelity. So Ladies , just relax . It's not the end of the world , stop doing drama and use your energy to an activity . Activities such as Watching Movie , sports , plus the ability such a  sewing , embroidery , english , gardening , cook . Take the plus side you 've got “Me Time” a lot more now

Believe . Yup it sounds cliche but maybe this is the last formula we face the LDR for mutual trust then all will be well - fine. During the period there may be a future LDR “Galau” a.k.a uneasy time and it's only natural we enjoy it with a reasonable period of confusion without melodramatic .

Hopefully this article can help all the ladies in their LDR

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